Polimak Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Polimak pneumatic conveying systems are used to transport dry bulk material from one location to another through conveying pipelines by using air as a conveying agent. The conveying air is produced by a roots type blower. A wide range of industries that handle bulk solid in the form of granules or powders benefit from pneumatic conveyors.

Types of Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Dry bulk materials can be conveyed pneumatically in two main modes – dilute phase conveying, also known as lean phase conveying and dense phase conveying. Depending on the type of conveyed bulk material, one of the two modes can be an ideal solution.

Dilute Phase Systems

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems involve the conveyance of dry bulk solids through pipelines at high velocities. The conveyed bulk materials are completely suspended in the coveying air. Conveying air in dilute phase conveyors is typically produced by blower – roots type. This is because the velocity inside the conveying pipeline is above saltation velocity. Lean phase conveyors are ideal for transporting bulk materials that are less sensitive. Materials that are abrasive, fragile etc., are not ideal for this type of conveying.

Dense Phase Systems

Dense phase conveying systems are suitable for conveying bulk materials that are abrasive, blended, fragile etc. The conveying velocities in dense phase conveyors is generally below the saltation velocity, hence the materials is not fully suspended in the conveying air stream. Screw compressor are typically the source of the conveying air in dense phase systems. If the quality of your product is of great importance then dense phase is an ideal solution.

Polimak designs and manufactures pneumatic conveying systems for are wide range of industries including cement, chemical, plastic, mining and many others. Our pneumatic conveyors offer a lot of benefits to these industries.

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