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What Should I Avoid in Morocco?

The first thing you need to do in Morocco is to be aware of your surroundings. Stay away from political gatherings, unlicensed taxis, and stray cats. Also, remember to wear sunglasses and never make eye contact with strangers. Getting scammed in Morocco is very easy. You should be aware of the difference between petit and grand taxis. The former can fit three people, while the latter is suitable for six passengers.

When travelling to Morocco, you’re exposed to a whole different culture and cuisine, that might be too exotic for your taste (or stomach). However, with the right precaution and attention, you’ll not only fully enjoy your trip but also avoid experiencing gastrointestinal problems. What should you avoid in Morocco? What are the foods to eat and those that should be eaten with a lot of caution? Let’s see what this North African country can offer in terms of food, culture and gastronomy.

What are the do's and don'ts in Morocco?
What should you not wear in Morocco?

Avoid political gatherings

Morocco is a country where freedom of assembly is severely restricted. Protests are often violently suppressed and activists involved in organizing them are often harassed. In 2016, the government cracked down on protests after the death of a fish vendor. This led to the Hirak Rif protest movement, which was supported by activists throughout Morocco. In 2017, Hirak Rif activists were arrested and the leader of the movement, Nasser Zefzafi, was jailed for 20 years. Fifty other activists were convicted of lesser sentences, but they remain in prison. In addition, Amnesty International has been banned from conducting research in Morocco since 2015.

Avoid unlicensed taxis

Although taxis are scarce in Morocco, you can always hitchhike to your destination. Just make sure to carry some water, a book, and a hat. It’s also wise to wear a few layers during the cold winter months. Most people will be more than willing to drop you off near a bus station or taxi station, as long as you can explain in a few words what you’re looking for. Also, most people will not expect payment for hitchhiking, although some grand taxis will want payment. When you’re hitchhiking in Morocco, always have a map with you.

Avoid pickingpockets

The most important thing to remember when traveling in Morocco is to avoid being a victim of pickpockets. These thieves are usually needy people from poor neighborhoods and they will take advantage of tourists’ inattention. Therefore, it is important to keep your valuables in a purse that you can supervise. In addition, front-purses are recommended for extra protection. You should also avoid the medinas, popular bars, and agglomerated streets. Burglars are also a big problem in the region, especially in Tangier.

Avoid stray cats

When you’re visiting Morocco, you’ll want to avoid stray cats. While the country is home to a few stray cats, most of them are mangy, bedraggled flea pits. They eat meat scraps, drink from dirty puddles, and are frequently abused by children. This makes for a truly horrible sight.

Avoid talking about sensitive topics

When visiting Morocco, avoid talking about sensitive topics such as religion and politics. Morocco is predominantly Muslim and many citizens follow the Sunni branch of Islam. However, a significant number also adhere to Sufi principles. While Moroccans are generally tolerant and accepting of others, it is important to respect the local culture and avoid offending locals by making controversial comments.

Avoid flashing expensive belongings

While in Morocco, it is important to watch your belongings carefully and avoid flashing them around. Many Moroccans are suspicious of foreigners and often assume that foreigners are rich. In addition, flashing expensive belongings can attract unwanted attention from thieves. Therefore, it is best to leave important items in your hotel rooms. You should also avoid walking alone at night, especially in the suburbs of Moroccan cities.

What Should I Avoid in Morocco
What Should I Avoid in Morocco

Avoid begging

Begging for money is a widespread problem in Morocco. The number of beggars has increased dramatically over the past several years, and tourists are constantly being approached and asked for money. Many beggars are not really poor, but pretend to be poor to earn money. This can make many tourists uncomfortable and make them uncomfortable interacting with beggars.

All in all, travelling to Morocco is a great experience but one should be attentive to the peculiarities of the Moroccan cuisine. If you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises, make a list of foods and drinks that cause problems for your stomach and spare yourself the frustration and discomfort caused by dyspepsia.


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