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What Is a EVC ?

One of the most important challenges in gas measurement is that the volume of the gas can vary depending on the properties of the gas and environmental conditions. This problem is frequently encountered especially in natural gas measurement. Different devices and techniques are used to accurately determine the volume and energy equivalent of natural gas. These devices and techniques include electronic volume correctors that can compensate for changes in pressure and temperature. These devices detect volume differences and accurately determine the energy equivalent of natural gas. https://www.rmftek.com/electronic-volume-correctors/


The Micro-C1 and MICRO-C3 are worthy contenders in the compact and electronic volume corrector space. These gizmos are best suited for medium to high volume gas measurement and distribution applications. As its name suggests, the MICRO-C1 can be mounted on the gas meter of your choice. They’re also capable of logging and transmitting data at a rate you’ll appreciate in the field. Aside from the typical gas meter nifty little numbers, the MICRO-C1’s capabilities go beyond the traditional meter, enabling you to measure, dispense and monitor gases, fuels and vapors in virtually any industrial, commercial or residential environment. With this in mind, the MICRO-C1 is the ideal gas meter of choice for both the modern gas meterer and the connoisseur. For instance, a MICRO-C1 can be used to measure, control and display liquefied natural gas (LNG) metering and distribution data for the entire petrochemical industry in a matter of seconds.


The MICRO-ZMAX is a multi-stream electronic volume corrector that has it all. Its most impressive feature is its ability to calculate a standard gas passing flow meter volume in real time. Aside from the technical feat of actually displaying this data, MICRO-ZMAX can also assist in the optimization of gas networks. Moreover, the system is compliant with the Welmec 7.2 software suite.

Despite its diminutive size, MICRO-ZMAX is able to perform the aforementioned feats with the minimum of fuss. In short, MICRO-ZMAX delivers the most scalable solutions to operate your gas network more efficiently.


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